The husband/wife team of Ray and Wendy Toombs are the owners of Abrazos
Adventure, the horse connection located in Portales New Mexico.

HOW THE BUSINESS STARTED Ms. Wendy worked at the local hospital which
closed in 1998. She and Mr. Ray had warning so they could make plans for 'the
time with no job'.

Ms. Wendy didn't want to work inside any more and since horses had brought her
such pleasure during her life she explored ways to pursue her love and possibly
share that with others.

During her life she had been involved with many competitions and coached a lot of
friends. She decided to try her hand at professionally instructing and the horseback
riding school seemed the obvious answer.

As they were contemplating going into business the issue of a name came up. Ms.
Wendy's father, a long time business man, told them that you wanted a name
beginning with the letter 'a' so you would come up near the beginning of any
alphabetical listing. They were joking about the 'adventure' they were on at this time
in their life so they sat down with a dictionary looking for a word beginning with 'a'
that would fit with adventure. They came up with 'Abrazos' which means ' to greet
or embrace'. They felt that fit - embrace the adventure that life had set them on.

The business began in 1999 on the back of Ms. Wendy's retired horse show mare,
Ms CC Fork, a registered Quarter Horse. As the business grew, Mr. Ray's horse,
Texan Devil, a registered paint who was retired from cow work was drafted.

Ms. Wendy takes care of instructing riding students while Mr. Ray and their son
Dan, take care of all the behind the scenes work that has to happen.

Owners, Ray and Wendy Toombs, (Mr. Ray and Ms. Wendy) have between them
more than 100 years of horse experience. Both had horses in their lives from early
childhood. Over time they have raised and trained horses, worked on ranches and
in feedlots, competed, coached, judged and produced horse competitions and
taught students. Their son Dan has been with horses and a part of their experiences
all his life.

They maintain memberships and affiliations in professional and business
organizations such as American Quarter Horse Association and Roosevelt County
Chamber of Commerce.

They regularly participate in consultations with veterinarian, farrier and
other horse
professionals. They enjoy reading trade books and magazines, watching videos as
well as having daily interaction with the horses and students. Since 2004 Ms.
Wendy and Mr, Dan have been involved with the New Mexico Equestrian Special
Olympics held annually in Clovis New Mexico.
Mr. Dan continues that activity
In 2011 Mr. Dan and Ms. Wendy volunteered to be superintendents for
the annual Roosevelt County Fair Horse Show. 2014 Mr. Dan was elected to the
Roosevelt County Fair Board.
In 2019, due to changing personal obligations, both
regretfully submitted their resignations.

Currently they manage a barn of 1
1 horses and ponies. The daily interaction with
the horses and students continues to educate both of them.

Update information
In the fall of 2008 Mr. Ray moved on to Heavenly Horsemanship. Since that time,
Ms. Wendy and Mr. Dan continue with what the three of them originally began.