Does your child have ‘issues’ such as the lack of ability to pay attention, too
aggressive, shy/introvert, fearful, sensory issues, know it all, socializing
problems or inability to control their emotions and resultant behavior?

When I started the school in 1999, it was pretty straight forward teaching kids
how to ride. After a few years I noticed kid behavior changing as laws
protecting children changed and discussions and concerns about child abuse
were demanding attention. As the changes were coming about it seemed  that
holding a child responsible for their behaviors/energies became a bad thing.

Occasionally children began to show up demonstrating behaviors showing they
may not have been expected follow directions as given. Some felt it   was
appropriate to simply have a temper-tantrum when they did not want to do
something. Another change I saw was the child who was used to having those
around 'do for' them and the would not try. Then there were those  who thought
the knew it all (never having been around horses) and they would tell me how it
would be done.

Sensory issues and inability to focus were also showing up more and more.
There were times the child could not be still, either verbally or physically.
Thankfully, as I made the journey to present time,  parents have comfortable
talking to me about their children. Very quickly I realized I needed to learn more
about such things as ADHD, Autism, OCD, ODD, sensory issues and lack of
emotional control. My self-study of the human, as a species, has been every bit
as fascinating as what I continue to learn about horses.

I have also found that learning something about one species, either behaviorally
or scientifically, helped me understand more about the other.
These are some of my thoughts today about the benefits of children being with
the horse either riding or working on the ground.

Being involved with horses gives the individual a variety of opportunities to
practice personal energy control with another living being. The horse, as a
teacher, gives immediate feedback to the individual working with it.

Personal energy is present in anything we do. As a species humans are
classified as predators. When we begin to look at that classification it is
incredible the number of ‘normal’ human actions that are truly predatory.

Horses are prey animals and are not naturally inclined to associate with
predators. The way humans can make this work is to redirect predatory
energy/behavior into a different energy (I call it HORSE ENERGY - NRG)that
makes the horse comfortable in the human space. The human has to learn ‘how
to converse with horse’ through all their senses and energy.

Parental feedback has told me over and over that as the child learns this ‘new’
language they learn things about themselves and their behavior and confidence
changes both here and at home as well as in school.

As the child and you, the parent/adult, become more comfortable with how we
do things here, you will actually be able to relax while you are here. One phrase
continues to be repeated by most that come here “IT’S SO PEACEFUL”.

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