HORSE ENERGY is relaxed energy without emotion such as frustration, tired, I can’t and all the negative excuses we gather along
this line. When we focus on what we can’t do or don’t know it puts a huge barrier in the way of doing or learning to do. I think of it
as a ‘business energy – I have a plan and this is what we are going to do.’ I will implement my plan in leadership energy rather than
boss energy. Horses follow a leader much better than a boss.

Too much happiness or excitement and anticipation of a future event can cause a person to be at a silly stage in their mind. When
they are in that place mentally, they are not able to focus on the horse and ride nor are they able to execute clear instructions for
the horse. Redirecting their energy to HORSE ENERGY helps the person learn how to really be in the NOW and make it a really
good experience.

HORSE ENERGY is awareness of what is going on with you and around you. You develop reasonable caution (not fear) and learn to be
responsible for your own safety. The more knowledge and understanding you acquire the more comfortable you become.

HORSE ENERGY is being happy and cheerful and focused on what you are doing.

When a person is in HORSE ENERGY their energy has a feeling of kindness and empathy to it. It is not a ‘poor baby’ type of
thinking and approach but ‘I understand and feel for what is happening but we are going to do what we should be doing'.
Understanding what the other (horse in this case) may be feeling and thinking can go a long way in accomplishing goals.
Consideration of others is always an energy that promotes teamwork.

HORSE ENERGY is being courteous to all the living things, people and animals (even the bull snakes here – they have a lot to teach
you about NRG). Your voice says words that are kind and the tone is a pleasant tone.

It is keeping your physical movements at a level so the horse is comfortable with you in its space and doesn’t think of you as a
predator (which we are in their world). When you do this you are taking responsibility for your actions and you the results can be
really good. This is also known as choice, you are choosing actions that will have a positive impact on all those around you. How you
act and react is powerful. HORSE ENERGY – always used for positive purposes – gives you that power.

HORSE ENERGY is making sure you meet ALL your responsibilities from the beginning of setting up tack to the end where you put
all tack/equipment away. We call this follow through. When you remember all the pieces of this process you become focused.

HORSE ENERGY means you remember the adult accompanying you is not ‘mom or dad’ while you are here but Miss Wendy's
assistant coach, your very own personal coach. You are expected to treat your coach with courtesy at all times.

HORSE ENERGY means you are listening to you instructor and your horse and TRYING TO ALWAYS DO THE BEST YOU CAN
WITHOUT EXCUSES. You use the words “I’LL TRY”. You keep “I know” out of the way. It puts a big block in your head and learning
can’t come through. If we say and think, “I’ll try” it is like a hammer smashing the block and learning can definitely come in and be

When you are in HORSE ENERGY you are thinking ‘like a horse’ which means you are thinking of how the horse will perceive what is
going on with you and everything else around him. Thinking like a horse can help keep you out of trouble with them. We call this
focus. This is also learning how to work in the NOW. That means right now, this moment, is where I need to concentrate so I can be
successful. If I am doing that I am SUCCEEDING.

© Wendy Toombs 2013
Listed below is an explanation of what we want to see when we talk about HORSE ENERGY. If
the kids can review this it should help them understand what we are talking about and promote
discussion about the behaviors they need to demonstrate in order to be in HORSE ENERGY.  
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