Goober is actually a registered Paint Horse although to look at her you wouldn’t think so since
the paint body usually has large areas of white as well as color. Her coat color is yellow dun.
When you look at her eyes you will see that each one is partly blue and partly brown. That is a
paint horse characteristic. It kind of gives her a ‘wild eyed look’.

She had a registered Paint Horse dad and a registered Quarter Horse mom. Because the dad
was Paint she could only be registered as a Paint horse. When we sent in the application for
registration and the pictures, the Paint Association sent back a request for us to measure the
white on her face. The measurements and new picture qualified her to go into the regular Paint
Registry. Her registered name is Copper’s Goober Girl.

Her dad’s name was Copper Cavalier. My husband started calling her Goober almost as soon
as she was born so we kept that as part of her name.

She was born at Abrazos July 16, 2004. She and Target were born two months apart and I
laughingly call them the ‘twins’. They lived together for a long time (still do) after we separated
them from their mothers.

We didn’t do much with Goober, just kind of ‘Hi, how are you’ and visited with her. We even
tried to give her away at one time then later thought about putting her up for sale.

My husband made a last minute mind change so we didn’t advertise her to sell.

We did take her to a local trainer for her initial riding and he called me a couple of days after he
had her to say I would love her – she was what he called ‘right minded’ (sensible).

When she came back from him I did some early training and she was really sweet. I began to
use her in the school.

In the intervening years, she didn’t get used much. She was out of commission for about a year
due to lameness. We would ride her some, get her going then not use her.

In the spring of 2012 I really needed another school horse and realized I either needed to get
her going or sell her and get a horse that would work. By now she had not been ridden for
about 2 years. I knew a college girl (had been my student some years earlier) who was
interested in helping me. I required that she come to my place and ride under my supervision
since I knew everything that had been done with Goober. She agreed.

We expected Goober to have some extra energy and possibly a little buck. She did have extra
energy but didn’t offer to buck with the rider. She responded to our handling and was back in
the school in about 3 months. She fast became a favorite of the students.

Once in a while when we get her out to ride her behavior is a little peculiar. We are very aware
of it and I may or may not have the student ride. Her behavior indicates that she gets the
occasional bellyache (colic). If it is a light case it is helpful to ride her at a walk. This doesn’t
happen often.

Since she has not been a school horse for as long as some of the others there are things she
is still learning – for instance she has not yet mastered standing still like the humans want her
to. She’s working on it.

As of the end of 2014 she is ridden by people who have some experience. She can be ridden
Western, English and Bareback and in only a halter. 2015 we will probably work her a little
more with true beginning riders.

She seems to really like being with the humans and when I try to take pictures and videos in her
pen (of another horse) she will come see what I am doing and get right in the way. Face it,
when I take pictures of her she sticks her nose in the camera lens.
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Her mother is on her left and her dad is the Paint in the background. My husband is the human.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Goober is on the right and is plastered to her half brother.