Abrazos Adventure Portales New Mexico
offering family and individual recreation to Portales, Clovis, Cannon AFB and the
surrounding area with horseback riding and lessons
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Shag was born on the place May 3, 1998. He is a Tobiano (the type coat pattern) bay (body
color minus the white) paint. The white as it mixes with his color as well as his parentage
determine that he is paint. His mother was a registered Quarter Horse racing mare and his
father was a black and white paint stallion. He is registered with the American Paint Horse
Association under the name of Danish Summer Moon.

When he was very little I would find small rocks in the water tank and I couldn’t figure out how
they were getting there. It also looked like he was taking his teeth, closing them on the cable
then running his mouth along it. We didn’t know if he liked the vibrational feel or the sound.
(We were concerned that he would grind his teeth off) One day I was close to him when he was
doing this. When I looked I noticed that his lower lip was stuck out and there was a small rock
in it (kind of like a person with dip in their lip). The rock was what he was rubbing on the metal,
not his teeth. When he finished he walked over to the water tank and dropped it in.

He has always been busy with his mouth and every pen he stayed in had an empty Clorox jug
hung on it as well as a chain secured around the poles. Shag sent hours playing with these
things. Now that he is rooming with other geldings he simply bothers them for something to do.

When he was years old there came a day I needed to have 3 horses for a family to ride so
Shag was drafted. He did well and has been in the school since. Since he was so pretty and
well made I hoped he would become a show horse. We tried him over the years and some
times he was in performance mode and came away a blue ribbon winner and other times he
wasn’t and it was simply memories of stressed, undesirable behavior.

I finally talked to the vet to see if horses could suffer panic attacks and he said yes. The
energy I felt when Shag wasn’t with me was that his attention was miles away. That is not a
feeling you want to experience when riding. At home, working as a school horse, his attention
is with the rider and things go well. I finally told him I would quit trying to show if he would be
100% dependable school horse. That was 2 years ago and as of March 2009, as I create his
page, he has kept his end of the bargain.

He is 15 hands 1 inch tall and maintains weight at about 1050#. Since I was planning on
showing him he has some nice training in him. For the student, getting him to perform is a
challenge – always a good lesson. He works for us at the walk, trot and lope and can be ridden
English, western and bareback.

He really uses smell to get acquainted. He has not offered to bite while he is snuffing the folks.
After the ride we feed treats and he is never convinced that he has eaten all the person has to
offer. He will ‘frisk’ you as you take him back to his pen. Of course chewing the treats has
contributed to a lot of drool so you will be slimed before you get back.